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DES is a Massachusetts DOER approved aggregation of renewable thermal technologies specializing in biofuels, biomass, & heat pumps

Our Mission: Liquid Biofuels

Our goal at DES is to assist oil distributors in reducing their carbon emissions through the use of liquid biofuels. Our team  will walk you through our proven process of capitalizing on the new Alternative Portfolio Standard. The  Alternative Portfolio Standard, was implemented by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and provides credits as incentive to reduce carbon emissions through many different technologies. Liquid biofuels were added to the APS on January 1, 2018.  Our experts will introduce you to a biofuel supplier, walk you through the blending process, implement a reporting system, apply for your Alternative Energy Credits, then sell your Alternative Energy Credits to local utility companies and return a check to you.

A Biofuel blend of 10% and above qualifies for the Massachusetts Alternative Portfolio Standard.

Our Proven Step by Step Process

Step 1: Meeting

Sit down for a meeting with Joe Uglietto, President of DES, and learn about this excellent opportunity for oil distributors not only to increase their margins, but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Step 2: Biofuel

Purchase an APS approved blended biofuel or a B99 (organic waste feed-stock) from a local supplier and our team will walk you through the blending process.

Step 3: Alternative Energy Credits

We will submit the proper paperwork biannually, as dictated by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, then receive the energy credits that you qualify for.

Step 4: Profit

We will sell your Alternative energy credits to local utility companies and return a check to you. We are experts in the over-the-counter AEC market and guarantee the best sale price. We also have the ability to offer put options & strips for your AEC blocks.